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Aloha! This blog is run by Jessica and Sharmaine.

This tumblr will be dedicated to anything Hawaiian so you’ll be seeing random vocab, sentences, phrases, songs, lyrics, photos, historic information.. etc. Honestly, feel more than welcome to submit any information you know or photos that relates to Hawaii and the Hawaiian culture, it'd help out a lot and we'd very much appreciate it. This blog does not claim any images or things on here to be it's own unless stated or tagged on the post.

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Big Island, Hawaii by John Dodson
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Wild Hawaii: Amazing animals around the Big Island http://sfy.co/bd6b
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A forest waterfall on Kauai…one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

National Geographic - April, 1964
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There are many secrets you probably didn’t know about Hawaii. In this post, we share one about Kamehameha’s Bones. The Hawaiian Islands are full of ancient mysteries, local folklore and stories handed down one generation at a time that continue to fascinate and intrigue. Hawaii is a place of very…
Full Story: Secrets About Hawaii: Kamehameha’s Bones Looking for Authentic Hawaiian Shirts, Dresses or Just Neat Gifts
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Ahi tuna poke at Da Poke Shack in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (Big Island)…
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Nature is the root of many Hawaiian beliefs. Hawaiians refer to themselves as keiki o ka ‘aina: children of the land. Nature provides for man and in return, man protects nature.
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hula; culture is everything..
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Kaysha Auli‘i Vierra twirls while interpreting “Ka Laula O Wailuku,” an original chant by kumu hula Hokulani Holt, en route to capturing the Miss Hula O Na Keiki title