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Aloha! This blog is run by Jessica and Sharmaine.

Jessica: I don't know how to speak Hawaiian but I am trying to learn. Random fact: I am a mix of filipino, japanese and vietnamese. I have family in Hawaii and get mistaken to be from there.. but that’s probably because of my complexion.
Sharmaine: I got nothing but love for the culture of Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands. (:
This tumblr will be dedicated to anything Hawaiian so you’ll be seeing random vocab, sentences, phrases, songs, lyrics, photos, historic information.. etc. Honestly, feel more than welcome to submit any information you know or photos that relates to Hawaii and the Hawaiian culture, it'd help out a lot and we'd very much appreciate it. This blog does not claim any images or things on here to be it's own unless stated or tagged on the post.

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Sailing Under the Rainbow Nepali Kauai | Michael Poll
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Haleakala Crater Sunrise, Maui by Mark Hanrahan
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Kauai Sunset by Heather.Mitchell on Flickr.
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The Dream Project | My Fairytale Ever After
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Tiago Gil-Surfing the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii | via Facebook on We Heart It.
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Honolua Bay, Maui, HI // 12.28.13
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